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'Independent voice' runs for US District 21

Public Announcement

Tom Wakely announced that he has filed to run for Congress in Texas 21st Congressional District, which has been gerrymandered to include 10 counties, stretching from northern Bexar County to southern Travis County and a good portion of the Texas Hill Country.
Wakely is not a politician. He is a United States Air Force Vietnam-era veteran. A former labor union organizer, he is also a former community organizer who attended seminary in Chicago.
A father and grandfather, Wakely and his wife operate a VA Medical Foster Home and Hospice. He is someone who cares not only about the planet we all live on but also everyone who lives on it.
He is running to give the people of the 21st Congressional District an independent voice in Congress that is not beholden to special interests or party politics.
"Even a sixth-grader knows that Congress is a dysfunctional mess. They'd rather fight each other with the
goal of scoring points with their campaign contributors than focus on the most important issue of our time - climate change," Wakely said, describing it as "a national security threat, public health risk and an economic nightmare just waiting to happen."
He continued, "The problems we now face can be blamed on both Republicans' and Democrats' 'my way or the highway' non-compromising attitudes. We need more independent voices committed to working to find real solutions to climate change."
As an independent voice in Washington, Wakely promises to work with anyone, regardless of party affiliation, to cut US carbon emissions, repeal fossil fuel subsidies, create a carbon tax and invest in clean energy technology.
"Texas once led the world as an energy producer and we can lead again - this time as the world's leader in clean energy, creating jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities at the same time," Wakely said.