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Sharp running for sheriff

Public Announcement

My name is Scott Sharp and I need your vote to become Sheriff of Bandera County in the March 1 2016 Republican Primary Election.
I am a native Texan and the surviving son of a Texas veteran killed in action in Vietnam. A 1986 graduate of MacArthur High School in San Antonio, I also hold an Associate's Degree in psychology.
Graduating with honor from the United States Air Force Police Academy, I was also Top Cadet from Western New Mexico University Police Academy in 1996. Additionally I hold a Master Peace Officer Certification and have over 4,000 hours of education and training from the State of Texas.
Nine years of my 20-year career were spent with the Bandera County Sheriff's Office where I worked as a patrol sergeant, administrative sergeant and as head of Criminal Investigations Division. Other career highlights include being instrumental in taking down over 20 meth labs in an 18-month period and also the solving of a seven-year-old cold case murder of a 2-year-old child.
I have extensive college training in forensic science. I supervised inmates at a facility housing up to 4,000 prisoners. Moreover, I have specialized training with DEA, Texas Parks and Wildlife, gang recognition and education and in other important areas related to law enforcement.
In the private sector I have held licenses in private investigation and worked in that field for the states of Texas, Virginia and Maryland. Most recently, I served as regional manager for a national corporation monitoring movements and behavior of defendants in Bexar County and 11 other surrounding counties. During this time my team and I managed over 1,500 pre trial and probationary defendants.
My opponent cannot match my years of specialized experience with this department and thus intimate firsthand knowledge of what needs to happen to make the department more professional and accountable to the community. No other candidate has the unique knowledge to avoid litigation concerning discrimination, civil rights violations or illegal acts.
Having lived in Europe and all over the US, as well as in our nation's capitol, I have the vision to reshape the BCSO. My deputies will fight crime without infringing upon rights of citizens or tourists.
As your sheriff, I will work with city, county, state and federal officials to address situations of safety and security, which I feel have been overlooked in this county for many years. And, as I have seen, simply saying there will be transparency is not the same as being transparent.
After speaking with several citizens throughout the county, I've concluded that we have fallen short when it comes to the security of our children and the community as a whole. If you have any questions or would like to help with my campaign, you can contact me at 855-419-4574 or you can email me at vote4sharp@yahoo. If you would like to support my campaign, contributions can be sent to Post Office Box 64104, Pipe Creek, Texas 78063. I appreciate your support.