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Law West and East of Privilege Creek

By Buff Orpington BCC Stringer

Monday, Dec. 14:
• A Bandera Boyo got in Dutch with the city constabulary 'cause he was - wait for it! - driving without a license.
• A Lawbreaker from Lakehills was found to have been dumping illegally - a felony to be sure.
• A magistrate issued a bench warrant and a Fredericksburg Freak found himself in the quod forthwith.
Tuesday, Dec. 15:
• Surprise, surprise a local yokel was popped for possession of a dangerous drug of the misdemeanor variety.
Wednesday, Dec. 16:
• A misdemeanor warrant from an outside agency put the kibosh on the good times of yet another Bandera Bonehead.
Thursday, Dec. 17:
• Ditto, but this particular warrant was for a felony.
Friday, Dec. 18:
• A 20-year-old Medina Miscreant remains in the county can after being charged with being tailed by two felony "other" warrants.
Saturday, Dec. 19:
• A misdemeanor warrant from an outside agency proved to be the undoing - for a few hours at least - of a Cowboy Capital Criminal.
• A Mope from Mico drove without a license, but apparently not very far before he was caught.
• A 23-year-old Bad Boy from Bandera was busted for carrying blunt and for being publically pissed as well.
Sunday, Dec. 20:
• A Hick from Hondo spent the Sabbath - and a few other days, we presume - in the county quod after being nicked for a felony warrant issued by an outside agency.
• A Laddie from the Lake District remains a guest at the X Bar Inn after being stopped for misdemeanor reckless driving.
• As does another Lake District Denizen, but this guy was charged with felony aggravated assault.