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BEC expands fiber optic wireless network


Bandera Electric Cooperative's Board of Directors voted last month to approve the expansion of a fiber optic wireless network across the BEC service territory. This expansion will allow BEC to better operate and control their electric grid, as well as allow for future deployment of broadband communications.
During 2016, BEC will launch a test of their broadband communications network in the City of Bandera. If successful, members can expect to see an expansion of broadband programs across BEC's service area in coming years.
"As a member-owned nonprofit, we are committed to improving the quality of life for members through high quality energy programs and other services," said BEC General Manager Bill Hetherington. "With the introduction of broadband communications into Bandera County, we are able to encourage business growth and guarantee value for future generations of members."
For more information about BEC, visit BanderaElectric.com or call 866-226-3372.