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Asphalt scam paves the way


A Courier reader from the Pipe Creek area has given us the heads up about the latest scam hitting the county.
The woman reported that an older model red pick-up pulled up to her home last week offering to "pave" her driveway.
The man "just happened" to have a load of "TxDOT certified and approved asphalt" conveniently left over from another job. He offered to pave the drive at a very low price using the leftovers.
The good news is, this reader was familiar with the "leftover asphalt" scam and sent the man on his way.
This one almost always results in sub-par paving which washes away in the first heavy rainfall, disappearing just like the victim's money.
As we always say, "If it sounds too good to be true, it's probably a scam."