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Item recovered from break-ins

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

"Investigations usually take longer than what you see on television," said Bandera County Sheriff's Office Deputy Matt King. "They aren't completed by the end of an hour." In this case, one of the items stolen item during a break-in that the Courier reported last week in an article, titled "Break-ins at Polly Peak raise concerns," has been recovered.
Officers with the BCSO Criminal Investigation Division recovered a golf cart stolen from an outbuilding on the Forest Trail property of Wes Looney. The break-in had occurred sometime between 11 pm, Nov. 30 and 2 am, Dec. 1. Thieves also stole a new power tool and a sizable amount of cash.
"Through a diligent investigation, officers recovered the golf cart in question from a residence in Ingram," King revealed in an interview on Tuesday, Dec. 15. He said a man had purchased the golf cart for $200 through a third party and was not a suspect in the ongoing case.
"Using information supplied by the man, investigators obtained a warrant for a suspect who resides in the Polly Peak area," King said. He declined to release the suspect's name until an arrest has been made.
"This case is by no means finished," King said. "We've gotten some positive information that we feel may lead to solving the other burglaries." For emphasis, he reiterated, "Crimes are never solved in just an hour - despite what happens on television."