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Hotel on hold 'till January

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

The City of Bandera Economic Development Corporation could have had a full agenda during a special meeting on Wednesday, Dec. 9 - except all items up for discussion were tabled until the next meeting, slated for Jan. 20.
Chairman Martha Shoemaker had scheduled the special meeting to accommodate Dave Burrel's request for continued financial assistance for the new mural project. Additionally, facilitator Gene Hartman and developer Gene Longoria, a team for a proposed hotel, were to supply updated numbers to corporation members.
Burrel was unavailable; however, according to Shoemaker, he had spoken with Judge Richard Evans, who had apparently given his blessing to the mural project.
Regarding the hotel, Shoemaker had spoken with Hartman prior to the meeting and learned he had no opportunity to collect the data requested previously from the EDC - aka "numbers."
Numbers or a lack hereof also played havoc with a third item - "Request for funding to repair-replace containers and-or funding for aesthetically pleasing fence enclosure at the city yard and budget adjustment to city council." Because EDC member Joe Hearn had also been unable to collect the necessary numbers, that item will resurface on the January agenda.
However, Hearn noted that even with the addition of an eight-foot fence, due to the topography of the city yard on Cypress Street, storage containers would still be visible "by four feet."
Shoemaker suggested painting the four containers rather than installing new fencing.
EDC member Toni Kunz asked, "What does a fence around the city yard have to do with economic development - other than making the area more aesthetic for tourists?"
Perhaps an answer to her question will be forthcoming on Jan. 20. However, Kunz will not be around to acknowledge the answer. See a related article on this page.