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BHS student charged with assault of public servant

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

When a student decided to disrupt a concert at Bandera High School, he didn't reckon on a law enforcement officer with the Bandera County Sheriff's Office being in the audience. Subsequently, the BHS student was arrested and charged with felony assault of a public servant.
According to BCSO Chief Deputy Matt King, the evening of Thursday, Dec. 10, Sgt. Gerald "Jerry" Johnson was attending a holiday concert in which his child was performing. At some point during the concert, a male, later identified as Andrew Bachman, 17, of Lakehills, entered the auditorium cursing loudly and causing a disturbance.
As he left, Johnson followed him and subsequently observed Bachman "body slam" a female student. Johnson approached Bachman and attempted to detain him. At that point, a struggle occurred. As it turned out, Bachman was a power lifter with a propensity for dead-lifting very heavy weights, King said.
To subdue Bachman, Johnson pulled out a taser. "When he saw the two red dots on him indicating he was about to be tased, Mr. Bachman immediately stopped struggling," King explained.
An investigation revealed that earlier, Bachman had struck a student in the back of the head. BHS Principal Sergio Menchaca had spoken to Bachman about the incident just prior to the suspect's profanity-laden entry into the auditorium. The unidentified victim of the alleged assault was taken to an emergency room and diagnosed with a mild concussion. However, he was not hospitalized.
The family is contemplating filing assault charges against Bachman. Bachman's sister did not file charges against her brother, according to King.
The arrest reported noted that the series of violent incidents was witnessed by Menchaca, Curriculum Coordinator Gary Bitzkie and Bandera Independent School District Superintendent Regina Howell, among others.
Bachman was released from jail on Friday, Dec. 11.