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'Unofficial' filing results

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Although not official, candidates who have drawn opponents for the Bandera County Republican Primary election on Tuesday, March 1 include, according to Election Administrator Toba Perez-Wright:
• Bandera County Sheriff - Incumbent Daniel "Dan" Butts, Scott Sharp
• Precinct 1 Commissioner - Incumbent Bob Grimes, Bruce Eliker, Jerret Lamb
• Precinct 2 Constable - Incumbent Earnest C. Reich, Greg Spengler
All other officials up for re-election will run unopposed.
Additionally, Precinct 3 Commissioner Andy Wilkerson declined to run again, leaving challenger Jack Mosely unopposed.
If any new information about the election comes out, readers will hear about it in the Thursday, Dec. 24, edition of the Courier.