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Christmas kickoff at Frontier Times

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

John and Ann Dale, who own the most wonderful house on the Mico side of Medina Lake, joined museum trustee Karen Ripley and former City of Bandera Mayor Pro Tem Maggie Schumacher in a holiday laugh at the museum's Christmas party.

No, it's not Dickens on the Strand, but rather Christmas at the Frontier Times Museum as interpreted by a perfectly accoutered Carol Neely and museum volunteer Ben Weil.

Rachel Mauldin braved the traffic from San Antonio to celebrate Christmas at the Frontier Times Museum with her friend, Executive Director Rebecca Norton. Mauldin and Norton met while working together at the Witte Museum.

The Frontier Times Museum's Darla Hinton, Bill Pannebaker and Kim Miles dispensed holiday cheer at the party held the night of Thursday, Dec. 3.

Laurie and Sally Gibson provided the perfect musical accompaniment to the Christmas kickoff at the Frontier Times Museum. Laurie was recently inducted into the Bandera Music History Project's Hall of Fame as the 2015 People's Choice winner.

Carol and Eddie Rowe were among those attending the holiday bash at the Frontier Times Museum.

It was nice to see Pat Harrison back from Savannah, Georgia - and we're bettin' Jules Jourde was glad, too.

Lauren Langford and hubby John Delayre assured me they plan to be the first in line to register for a night at the Bandera Best Western as soon as it's up and running.

The Monsons - Chuck and Annie - always have a good time, but most especially at the Frontier Times Museum Christmas party.

Staff and trustees of the Frontier Times Museum offered locals a "Gateway to the Christmas Season" during their holiday party the evening of Thursday, Dec. 3.
The buzz was at 510 13th Street as museum members and friends celebrated the season with holiday music by the Gibson Sisters, colorful decorations and great food provided by the board of trustees, as well as laughter and fellowship.
Not only did the party provide a perfect segue to the holiday season, but also served as a thank you to members, donors and supporters of the Frontier Times Museum.
Those who might have missed this always-cheerful event are urged to join the museum as soon as possible so as not to miss any of the good times celebrated at the Frontier Times Museum. Telephone is 830-796-3864.