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Sizemore convicted for aggravated assault

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Lakehills resident Johnny Sizemore Jr., 34, was convicted in Bandera County District Court on Friday, Nov. 20, on felony aggravated assault charges. The next day, 198th District Judge Rex Emerson sentenced Sizemore to 15 years incarceration in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Last January, Sizemore shot Shawn Weber, 38.
According to Chief Deputy Matt King of the Bandera County Sheriff's, Sizemore's three-day trial began Tuesday, Nov. 17. After District Attorney Scott Monroe and court-appointed defense attorney David Black of Vanderpool presented their cases, the jury found Sizemore guilty after deliberating for approximately two hours.
According to previous law enforcement reports on the incident, Sizemore shot Weber through the neck after an argument. Although the bullet did not strike any vital organs, after exiting his neck, it also grazed Weber's shoulder and was recovered. Miraculously, Weber did not suffer any serious injuries and did not require surgery for the wounds.
Prior to the incident, Weber had visited Sizemore, a neighbor and acquaintance. According to reports, an argument subsequently ensued.
The fracas culminated when Sizemore pulled a .40 caliber handgun and shot Weber through the neck, according to the law enforcement report. After being wounded, Weber sought refuge at the home of another neighbor.
At this point, a call went out to emergency dispatch and BCSO deputies arrived at the scene.
Sizemore, meanwhile, left the scene of the incident and remained at large for over two weeks. At that time, BCSO issued a felony warrant for Sizemore's arrest for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
Speaking about the search for Sizemore, King said, "Although we had received reports of Mr. Sizemore in Lakehills, other people maintained that he had left the area. I said, 'No he's here somewhere. Lakehills is all he knows'." King's instinct proved true.
Early in the morning of Jan. 27, Deputy JJ Martinez was on a routine patrol in the Lakehills area when he noticed a vehicle at the suspect's house, located on 20th Street. After responding to Martinez's queries, the suspect's father acknowledged that his son was in the house. Martinez immediately arrested Sizemore with backup deputies arriving to assist.
Sizemore was transported to the county jail where he was remanded on $100,000 bond. However, in April, Sizemore's bond was reduced and he was released until his trial.
An additional charge - unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon - remains to be adjudicated, which should be scheduled shortly.
After that, Sizemore will remain in the Bandera County Jail for an additional four to six weeks, King said. "Once the district clerk and district attorney complete the necessary paperwork, we'll submit it to the state and transport Mr. Sizemore to San Antonio," he said. From there, officers with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice will likely take him to the Garza West Unit in Beeville for his intake into the system.