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Law West and East of Privilege Creek

By Buff Orpington BCC Stringer

Monday, Nov. 23:
• A Saucy Wrench from San Antonio found herself carted off to the county can on account of accruing seven misdemeanor traffic offenses, as well as a single warrant from an outside agency.
• Assault with bodily injury sent a 22-year-old Lakehills Laddie to the slammer for an overnighter.
• Not only did this Bandera Boyo attempt to evade arrest, but he also failed to appear in the past - transgressions for which he remains under local Lock & Key.
Tuesday, Nov. 24:
• A 50 something Slug from Spurger remains on the Wrong Side of the Law on account of a felony Judgment Nisi and another for failing to appear.
• A Sweet Young Bandera Bandita was busted and remanded to the quod - where she also remains - for attempting to carry a Penalty Group 1 controlled substance. Although her stash was less than a gram, nevertheless, it reached felonious proportions.
• A felony warrant from an outside agency sent a Bandera Bandito to the Big Casa.
• A 19-year-old local yokel criminally trespassed.
• A Bandera Blockhead attempted (unsuccessfully, it would seem) to peddle a controlled substance and now finds himself facing a felony.
Wednesday, Nov. 25:
• Although picked up for misdemeanor criminal trespass, an 18-year-old Pipe Creep remains a guest of the Doo Drop Inn.
• A Kerr-Vert purportedly possessed just the pipe with which you smoke it.
A woman merrily tooled about the city in her motor vehicle but was apparently too busy to obtain the requisite driver's license. Oh, well ...
• It looks like a Jerk from Jordanton, who was being dogged by a traffic warrant, also violated a court order.
• A couple of Cowboy Capital Weedwackers - and more - were nicked for possessing pot and the pipe with which to smoke it in addition to carrying that pesky PG 1 controlled substance, which led to those felony charges.
• A Boozer from Bandera has been charged with being intoxicated behind his wheels for a first time.
Wednesday, Nov. 26:
• Ditto a Cretin from Cedar Park
Thursday, Nov. 27:
• Ditto, ditto, another Crapulent Cowboy Capitalist
Friday, Nov. 28:
• Ditto, ditto, ditto, see above
• A Banderan appeared to be unable to hold her likker in public.
• Whereas her perhaps cohort in crime was merely charged with conducting herself disorderly.
• Yet another Bandera Blockhead, who failed to heed the ministrations of a previous court, and who was also being trailed by an "other" warrant, remains receiving "three hots & a cot," courtesy of me and thee.
Saturday, Nov. 29:
• A Bad Boy from Boerne was arrested for deadly conduct and, although charged with a mere misdemeanor, also remains in Bandera's Big House.