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College students urged to engrave electronics

Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

According to the UT police department, officers often have no way of identifying the owner of recovered stolen property. In a recent case, a non-UT subject was found trespassing in a campus building with several electronics items that "clearly did not belong to him."
Because the owner could not be identified, law enforcement's options included confiscating the property or letting the subject keep it.
Students are advised to engrave their state driver license number on the property (TX plus the eight-digit number). UT police, as well as other campus law enforcement departments, can provide engravers to use. When property is engraved, officers can run the driver license number to identify the owner.
Many college police departments also offer a place on their web page to register property. Registration includes make, model, color and serial number of items. The serial number is especially important for identifying lost and stolen property.
And don't think it can't happen to you! Campus police reports are filled with cases of stolen phones, tablets, and laptops that were left on desks, benches or floors while the owner chatted with someone, worked out or went to the restroom.