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Grimes files for re-election


Bob Grimes, County Commissioner for Precinct 1, has announced he is filing for re-election, entering the March, 2016 Primary. He was elected in 2012.
In discussing his bid for re-election, Grimes said, "When I was elected several years ago, the voters sought change. I hope the change they sought is the change they received, and that they will allow me to continue in office.
"I retired from private industry, as a former hospital CEO and hospital developer. The organizations that I oversaw, and built, all had operating budgets exceeding that of Bandera County. Private industry exists only if income exceeds expenses and you focus on details. I have used that knowledge over the past three years to ask questions about county finances, and make suggestions for improvement.
"As the court's liaison for our EMS system, the court approved my recommendations that we bring billing services in-house, and that we change our vendor for dealing with unpaid accounts.
"In private industry, you plan for the future, or at least several years down the road. The county had never had a long-term planning session, so I proposed and the court held its first planning workshop. Much more needs to be done in this area, but at least we have developed a list of items that bear discussion.
"Our property taxes remain some of the highest in the state, because our business base is small. I have proposed, and the court has approved and is working on, creating a tax abatement program as a tool to potentially attract-assist "friendly" business investment in Bandera County. I also recently coordinated a workshop with participation of 38 local community leaders focused on business growth and investment.
"County government needs to lead in this area, or at least participate. We may have a low unemployment rate, but we also have no jobs that serve to substantially keep, or attract back, our graduating seniors. In addition to the responsibility of running County government, it's our responsibility to look for ways to improve operations and quality of life; that's what my individual initiatives have been about.
"I have greatly enjoyed this first term, hopefully made meaningful contributions and taken great pleasure in meeting with voters in Precinct 1 who have problems or complaints or who need assistance. And, I would be privileged if those voters allow me to be re-elected to a second term."