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Has your vehicle reg expired? What to do? What to do?


Motorists who must operate their vehicles with expired registration are urged to purchase a "Temporary Permit" to avoid penalization during the renewal process. A "One Trip Permit" costs only $5 and is much cheaper than paying for back registration or a ticket.
Also note that driving a vehicle "only once," "just up here" or "to be inspected" without a permit is still driving that vehicle without registration and those drivers will be penalized
Those who purchase a vehicle with an expired registration can go to the website www.txdmv.gov to download a "transit permit" for free enabling them to drive the vehicle home without being penalized.
Temporary permits may be purchased online at www.txdmv.gov or at the office of Bandera County Tax Collector-Assessor Gwenda Tschirhart, located in the Ray Mauer Annex Courthouse Annex on 12th Street. Telephone is 830-796-3731. Payment must be made in cash, debit card or credit card. A current insurance card is also required.
Motorists are reminded to bring their receipts for the permits when renewing.