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Law West and East of Privilege Creek

By Buff Orpington BCC Stringer

Monday, Oct. 19:
• A Lakehills Lawbreaker remains confined to the county can after being busted for carrying a Penalty Group 1 controlled substance - a felony to be sure.
Tuesday, Oct. 20:
• Ditto, except this Denizen of the Lake District was nicked for being dogged by a felony "other" warrant.
• A trio of misdemeanor warrants, including two for failing to follow the instructions of previous courts and an "other" one, proved to be the bane of a Citizen of Cuidad Peligrosos - just another moniker for Bandera, folks. Nothing to get excited about, move along ...
Wednesday, Oct. 21:
• A Singularly Unexceptional Utopian was picked up by a member of the local constabulary for twice failing to heed the kind instructions of previous judges in addition to twice failing to appear for an accounting of his no-doubt many shortcomings.
Thursday, Oct. 22:
• So, not only did this Bobble-Headed Banderan fail to appear, but he was also found to be driving without a license - transgressions for which he remains behind bars.
• As does another local yokel who just might be the above guy's cohort in crime. This second gink, who also remains a guest of the Stumble Inn - And Stay Awhile, was pinched for felony possession of one of those pesky PG 1 controlled substances, as well as for criminal trespass and attempting to boost something worth less than $20. Well, it looks like we don't got no Master Criminal here, folks.
• The above Crime Ring may include another cohort since a third Banderan has been charged with possessing the requisite PG 1 controlled substance, as well as a pipe with which to smoke it, and, for good measure, driving without a license.
Saturday, Oct. 24:
• A Lakehills Lunkhead remains in the quod for felony evading arrest - what poppycock! They got him, didn't they!!? - and also for felony controlled substance possession. You know, that controlled substance of which all local let's-just-get-high-and-forget-our-problems thugs seem so fond.
Sunday, Oct. 25:
• Ditto, except this Lunatic from Lakehills has been charged with two felonies stemming from two separate possessions of that pesky PG 1 controlled substance. This fine, upstanding malefactor also remains under Lock & Key for his trouble.
• As does a Birdbrain from Bandera who was caught driving without a license (x's 2), in addition to speeding and being dogged by a failure-to-appear warrant - and all at the tender age of just 24.
Monday, Oct. 26:
• Two Lushes from Lakehills were picked up for being pissed in public.