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On track to a perfect year


Even teachers deserve rewards for perfect attendance. Hill Country third grade teacher Niki Edwards (at left) receives a coupon from Assistant Principal Kristy Geyer (right) for a free breakfast taco for having perfect attendance for the first six weeks of the school year. HCE Counselor Robyn Langston (center) enjoys the moment!

A fist bump and congratulations on a job well done, third grader Mikey Verhey re-ceives accolades for perfect attendance from his third grade teacher, Danielle Madison, while Assistant Principal Kristy Geyer looks on at Hill Country Elementary.

Bandera ISD students achieved a milestone for the first six weeks of the school year. Eight hundred seventy-two students, or 39 percent of the district, achieved perfect attendance. Campuses district wide honored their students who earned perfect attendance in a variety of ways. "While we encourage every student to work toward perfect attendance, we understand when that is not always possible. If a student is sick, they need to stay home," said Super-intendent Regina Howell. "Good attendance is a habit that when developed leads to lifelong success," she affirmed. "I am so proud of all of our students for achieving this high rate of attendance for the first six weeks of the school year."
Each campus has developed programs and methods to maximize student attendance. "The real payoff is that our students are present and learning each and every day of the six weeks," said Director of Curriculum Gary Bitzkie. "This will translate into stronger skills and higher achieve-ment down the line."
The district sponsors an attendance flag competition each six weeks between the campuses. The campus with the highest percentage of attendance for the six weeks earns the right to fly the BISD Attendance Flag for the next six weeks. Bandera Middle School earned the Attendance Flag for the first six weeks of this year with a 97.19 percent attendance rate.
At the end of the year, the campus with the highest overall attendance for the year gets to keep the Attendance Flag and display it in the school.
"To achieve perfect attendance takes a joint effort between the school, the parents and the student. When everyone works in partnership, the student with good atten-dance is the real winner," said Director of At-Risk Services Bonnie Hale.