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'Keep Utopia Beautiful' Hosts regional training


Volunteers with "Keep Utopia Beautiful" will host a Keep Texas Beautiful (KTB) Regional Training, beginning at 9:30 am, Wednesday, Oct. 28, at the Utopia United Methodist Church, 527 Cypress Street, in Utopia.
KTB's Christine Chute Canul and Cooperative Teamwork & Recycling Assistance's (CTRA) Rachel Hering will conduct a joint workshop, which will include a discussion of successful affiliates and community partnership programs in recycling and beautification. This is excellent training for smaller communities interested in starting a recycling center-program or a local beautification program.
Lunch will be provided, and the afternoon session's Guide on Green Event Planning will cover the basics of event planning and includes best practices for making events more sustainable. The classroom training will be followed by a tour and overview of the Utopia Recycles operation, located off FM 1050 at 669 County Road 357, in Utopia.
The training is free; however, registration is required and can be done by visiting the Keep Texas Beautiful website at www.ktb.org. Just look for the "Training" tab under "Programs" and follow the links to the registration form.