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Law West and East of Privilege Creek

By Buff Orpington BCC Stringer

Monday, Oct. 12:
• A Bozo from Bandera was caught driving without a requisite licensure.
Tuesday, Oct. 13:
• A Lakehills Lunkhead thought he could outrun a felony warrant from an outside agency that had been dogging him. He couldn't.
Wednesday, Oct. 14:
• A local "yewt," well on his way to becoming a Cowboy Capital Crapulent, was nicked for consuming a refreshing adult beverage wile still a minor.
• A misdemeanor warrant from an outside agency tripped up the good times of a 17-year-old Bandera Babe.
• On the other end of the age spectrum, a 66-year-old Bandera Boozer was picked up for her first DWI.
Thursday, Oct. 15:
• On the other hand, after being busted for his felony third DWI, a Lush from Lakehills still remains a guest of the X Bar Inn.
• A misdemeanor warrant indicated a fine upstandin' denizen of the Lake District had failed to heed the suggestions of a previous court.
Friday, Oct. 16:
• A Slug from San Antone should have known better than to carry weed 'cause, the last time we checked, pot hadn't yet been legalized in the Free State of Bantucky.
• So, another Scofflaw from San Antonio was sent to the slammer - where he remains - on account of three felonies, including a "judgment nisi," as well as a failure-to-appear warrant and another than indicated his parole might just be in jeopardy of being revoked.
Sunday, Oct. 18:
• Surprise, surprise! A 20-year-old local yokel was caught driving under the influence.
• While his perhaps cohort in crime has been charged with being unable to hold his "likker" in public.
• A felony warrant from an outside agency put a Reveler from River City under Lock & Key - where she remains.