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BISD salutes its principals

Special to the Courier

In October, Texas celebrates School Principals' Month. This annual month of recognition for campus leaders recognizes the contributions that principals make in the life of the school. Bandera ISD principals were honored with a certificate and congratulations from the President of the BISD Board of Trustees, Laurie Neff, during the regular meeting of the Board in October. Each campus sent words of praise for their principals.
New to the district is Bandera High School principal, Sergio Menchaca, who received plenty of positive comments from his staff of teachers. One said, "I appreciate Mr. Menchaca's composure even when there is conflict. He keeps calm and carries on!"
Another reported, "Mr. Menchaca has a great rapport with the students as well as the teachers at Bandera High School. The entire campus is filled with energy and excitement due to his leadership style and attitude about education."
"Change is never easy...Bandera High School has a history of great leaders and Mr. Menchaca definitely continues that tradition," said another.
BHS assistant principals, Jack Irvin and Richard Joyer also received positive comments, citing their skills in dealing with students, staff and parents. Irvin is new to the position, having previously been an instructor.
Laura Klein, principal of Hill Country Elementary, was described by her staff as "a good listener with a compassionate spirit. She brings a ray of light to a difficult situation. She will always stop and listen to your woes, a kind soul in a demanding role."
HCE Assistant Principal Kristy Geyer also earned high praise because "she is caring and fights for those who don't have a voice. She has a sense of humor and is not afraid to show her silly side when appropriate."
Alkek Elementary Principal Chip Jackson was described as enthusiastic and motivating. "He is full of energy and cares so much about the kids," one staff member said. Another teacher commented "When Mr. Jackson visits our classroom, it's always a positive and constructive visit. He always greets everyone with a smile and an encouraging word. The kids enjoy seeing their principal often and the teachers know that he cares."
Assistant Principal Dixie Moseley at Alkek earned top accolades because she "has done an awesome job communicating to staff using texts and emails!" s
Both Jackson and Moseley are new to the positions.
Setting and achieving high goals seem to characterize BMS Principal Donald Tosh. "Mr. Tosh is the most driven principal that I have ever worked for. He is never content with being good enough; instead, he is always looking for ways to help teachers improve their craft and raise student scores," one BMS teacher said.
BMS Assistant Principal Dayle Heiner has "a talent for getting the students to have lots of school pride and he brings fun into the school with spirit days." Heiner was recognized for his "dry wit" that has been known to "crack teachers up."
"[Heiner's] tough but fair and nurturing to our kids, which is what they need!" said another BMS teacher.
Principals are school caretakers, educational leaders, disciplinarians, community builders, spokesmen, budget analysts and guardians of policy mandates and initiatives. Principals set the academic tone for their schools and work collaboratively with teachers to set performance objectives and maintain high curriculum standards.