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College students victimized by "IRS" fraud


College students are being threatened with arrest by a scammer that purports to be from the IRS.
According to The University of Texas Police Department, a student reported she had received a phone call from someone claiming to be with the US Internal Revenue Service. The caller advised the student she had an active arrest warrant for failing to pay "student aid taxes."
The caller told the student if she failed to make payment in the next 35 minutes the UT Police would go to her location and arrest her. The student tried to negotiate a payment plan but the caller demanded more money and settled on $1,000 to place a "hold" on the warrant.
The caller then demanded the student retrieve the money from her bank, go to a local convenience store and purchase pre-paid cash cards. The caller then demanded the student provide him the identifying numbers on the card. The student complied out of fear of being arrested.
While the student was making the report to the campus police department, the caller called her again and stated they had problems with one of the cards and demanded she provide the numbers again.
The officer directed the student to provide a false number for the second card before disconnecting the phone call.
Campus police say this is a popular scam that has been seen across the United States. The thief plays upon the fear of being arrested.
Law enforcement agencies do not demand payment over the phone with a pre-paid cash card.
If you have a college student in your family, let them know about this scam.