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Law West and East of Privilege Creek

By Buff Orpington BCC Stringer

Tuesday, Sept. 22:
• A weekwacker from the Lake District was busted for carrying a couple of bags of the stuff as well as a possible pipe from which to smoke it.
Thursday, Sept. 24:
• A Bandera Bonehead got popped for not heeding the suggestions of a previous court, at least according to the capius pro fine warrant.
• Oh, no, a Sot from San Antone found himself in Hot Water after a deputy stopped him for a felony third DWI. Better call Saul, dude.
• Well, this Sweet Young 18 year old, also from San Antonio, seems well on her way to assuming the mantle of a Master Criminal after being popped for three misdemeanor traffic warrants, as well as a trio of warrants that indicated she had previously failed to appear.
Friday, Sept. 25:
• A court ordered that a Hick from Helotes be detained on a misdemeanor charge and so he was and so he remains - in the can, that is.
• I don't know what this means, but a San Antonio Sad Sack was arrested for something called an "occupational license." Well, your guess is as good as mine what that means.
Saturday, Sept. 26:
• For his trouble, a 42-year-old Perp from Pipe Creek - being dogged by two felony off-bond warrants - remains a guest in our fair hoosegow.
Sunday, Sept. 27:
• OK, it's apparent that a trio of underage drinkers from Pipe Creek thought they could enjoy a couple of refreshing adult beverages with impunity. Only they thought wrong and three were collared for consumption by minors and two were charged with being three sheets to the wind in public, as well.
• Well, those ginks shouldn't feel bad because a 47-year-old Miscreant from Mico was also picked up for being pissed in public - except he remains in the slammer for his transgression.