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Law West and East of Privilege Creek

By Buff Orpington BCC Contributor

Monday, Sept. 7:
• A Lakehills Laddie, caught with a dangerous drug, was probably just waiting for the Drug Take-Back program to kick off.
• A Cretin from Cedar Creek apparently didn't realize one needs a license to operate a motorized vehicle in Bantucky.
• A Bandera Bad Boy attempted - albeit unsuccessfully - to pinch something worth more than $50 but less than $500.
Tuesday, Sept. 8:
• Three previous traffic warrants - and another that indicated he had failed to appear - seemed sufficient to sent a miscreant from McKinney to the slammer.
• A Bonehead from Bandera has been charged with felony burglary of a home.
Wednesday, Sept. 9:
• A Bandera Boozer, who was picked up for a first DWI, also, for good measure, purportedly possessed pot.
• A Cowboy Capital Criminal upped his ante when he allegedly stole something worth between $1,500 and $20,000.
• A court ordered that a Bodacious Bandera Babe be arrested and she was and (parenthetically) remains so, charged with a felony.
Thursday, Sept. 10:
• A misdemeanor warrant may revoke the probation of a Slug from San Antonio.
• A couple of local yokels, ages 18 and 20, apparently began their criminal careers by stealing firearms - a pair of felonies, to be sure.
• After being stopped for a first DWI, a Bandera Elbow Bender was also found to be carrying a dangerous drug.
• It looks like a local weedwacker was pocketing between 20 and 40 ounces of the stuff. Is that a lot? I don't know.
• A felony bench warrant had been issued for the detention of a F'burg Freak and he was, right here in Bandera County.
Friday, Sept. 11:
• A Lunkhead from Lakehills previously jumped bond but it looks like he's now securely ensconced in the county can.
• As is a 60something resident of Utopia who was pinched for a felony warrant that may revoke his probation and for a misdemeanor "other" warrant.
Saturday, Sept. 12:
• Can you believe this? Someone was publically intoxicated in Bandera. I thought that was a requisite for living in this area.
• A Birdbrain from Bandera and a Pipe Creep were both nicked for first DWIs, except the gal from the Creek District was also carrying some blunt.
• Despite a litany of transgressions, including speeding, a traffic warrant and two instances of failing to appear, an 18-year-old Bandera Blockhead bonded out of the quod posthaste.
• Ditto his apparent cohort in crime, a Port Lavaca Villain, except the latter was also charged with being DUI-ed as a minor and for possessing a refreshing adult beverage - also as a minor.
Sunday, Sept. 13:
• A Pipe Creek Cat's Paw remains a guest of the X Bar Inn on account of being dogged by a misdemeanor traffic warrant.
• While a Bandera Boob was being tailed by a slightly-more-serious felony warrant from an outside agency.