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Something new at the Bandera library

By John Hegemier

By John Hegemier
Director, Bandera
Public Library

The Bandera Public Library has recently received a grant from the Tocker Foundation to fund an upgrade of its automated catalog. Patrons will find it to be a more convenient and powerful way to access their library information. The online catalog is available to use from any internet capable computer. There are two primary capabilities that the new catalog offers, searching for a book or a DVD, and managing your library account.
You can access the catalog from the online catalog link located on the library's web page, www.banderalibrary.org. From there you will be able to log into your personal account by entering your library card number and your phone number.
We did have some trouble porting phone numbers over from our previous cataloging system so if you have any trouble or have forgotten your library card number, call us at 830-796-4213. Once you are logged on you will be able to change your password.
By logging into your account you will have many capabilities to manage your library account. You will be able to see all the items that you have currently checked out and remind yourself of their due dates. You can also see if any late fees have been assessed to your account.
If you need to renew your book you can also do that, the exceptions being new books or books reserved by another patron. You can place a reserve on a book that you would like the library to hold for you. If you have a favorite author you can select that author and be notified anytime that author comes out with a new book. You can also provide the library a good email address whereupon you will receive an automatic notification that your library item will soon be due.
While checking the catalog you may see that the book you want is in. Go to the reserves and requests tab and select that book. An email will be sent to the library staff and we will pull that book and put it aside for you.
We really hope you enjoy the enhancements that the new cataloging system offers and if you have any questions please drop by and someone will be happy to assist.