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Law West and East of Privilege Creek

By Buff Orpington Courier stringer

Monday, August 31:
• Folks, I think this Blockhead from Boerne made his first appearance in last week's arrest report. Apparently law enforcement officials found more transgressions to include on his rap sheet 'cause this week, we seem to have 25 additional charges to add to the myriad we reported about last week. Here goes: felony manufacture and delivery of a Penalty Group 1 controlled substance, two misdemeanor charges of possession of inhalant paraphernalia, 10 failures to appear, weedwacking and weedwacking in a drug-free zone, seven counts of possessing a dangerous drug(s) and three outstanding warrants which indicated this Master Criminal had apparently not cared a whit about the instructions of previous courts. Thank goodness this 27 year old remains behind bars. When he gets out, one can only hope he stays in Kendall County, letting those fair taxpayers foot his room and board.
Tuesday, Sept. 1:
• Apparently, a Bandera Boyo had also failed to adhere to the ministrations of a previous judge 'cause he's been dogged by a pesky capius pro fine warrant.
• A Boob from Bandera got nicked due to a quartet of traffic warrants and another for failing to appear.
Wednesday, Sept. 2:
• A DeQuad from Dayton remains under Lock & Key after being arrested for two felony warrants that may at some point lead to the revocation of his probation.
• A couple of souses from San Antone and Closer to Home were picked up for their very firsts DWIs.
Thursday, Sept. 3:
• Whereas a Hellion from Houston was charged only with being "happy" in public.
Friday, Sept. 4:
• A 21-year-old Lakehills Lush was determined to be drunk behind a wheel for a first time, according to John Law.
Saturday, Sept. 5:
• Not only did a Blockhead from Bandera violate a court order, he also committed assault with bodily injury.
• Another Lake District Drunk appears to have driven while in that state for a first time.
Sunday, Sept. 6:
• Ditto, but this Elbow Bender was from Bandera.
• A San Antone Stoner was busted.
• A Slattern from Slaton remains in the county can after being nicked for driving without a license while her possible cohort in crime, charged with a second DWI, bonded out of jail posthaste.
Monday, Sept. 7:
• Although a Lakehills Laddie was collared for having a dangerous drug, it apparently wasn't dangerous enough to keep him in the quod more than overnight.
• On the other hand, a Cretin from Cedar Creek remains in Bandera's Big House for driving without a license. Go figure.
• A Bandera Bandito who purportedly attempted to boost something worth more than $50, but less than $500, also remains a guest of the Doo Drop Inn.