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Celebratin' western way of life

Photo by Judith Pannebaker

By all accounts, the Celebrate Bandera festivities, held during Labor Day weekend, went off exactly as predicted. The three-day event featured everything from an authentic Native American powwow, mountain man rendezvous and longhorn cattle drive to bull riding and mounted shooting competitions - and even included a Congressman and mayor decked out in cowboy mufti. From left, Tommy Knotts, Paul Ingenhueet, John "Doc" Cicotte and Dave Segelquist of the Bandera Cattle Company Gunfighters watched as ranch hands and wranglers, as well as tenderfeet, participated in the John Wayne Cowboy Hat Toss that opened festivities Saturday, Sept. 5, on the courthouse lawn. For another great weekend, mark calendars for the 2016 version of Celebrate Bandera, which hits the boards Sept. 3, 4 and 5.