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Blaze in Enchanted River Estates

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Photo by Gail Joiner
A home and RV were completely destroyed the evening of August 31 in a blaze in Enchanted River Estates.

An out-of-control fire destroyed a house and RV in the 1000 block of Arroyo, which is off Bottle Springs Road.
The blaze was reported to the Bandera County Sheriff's Office 9-1-1 emergency dispatch at approximately 7:30 pm, Monday, August 31.
When units from the Bandera Volunteer Fire Department arrived at the scene, firefighters found a home and recreational vehicle belonging to Aaron Johnson completely engulfed in flames.
The Bandera firefighting contingent was quickly supported by units from Pipe Creek, Medina, Tarpley and Lakeshore. Their main objective was to keep the fire from spreading further.
According to Bandera County Fire Marshal John Stith, Johnson had purchased the home in the Enchanted River Estates subdivision just two to three months ago. Although that section of the subdivision primarily features RVs and mobile homes, several detached homes can also be found in the gated community that sprawls on either side of the Medina River.
When the fire occurred, Johnston, who had recently been discharged from the United States Army, was in the process of demolishing some sections of the home while rehabbing other portions. While working on his home, he was living in an RV located just four feet from the house, Stith said.
According to Stith, Johnson had purportedly been burning debris from his demolition efforts when the fire got out of control.
"He thought he had put the fire out. Mr. Johnson then left the premises. However, the fire reignited and quickly spread from the home to the RV." Stith said, adding, "Mr. Johnson said he was unaware that a countywide burn ban is in effect."
After extinguishing the blaze, firefighting units left the scene at approximately 11 pm. They have not been called back and no injuries were reported.
Stith said that Johnson had literally lost everything, noting, "The American Red Cross was there helping him out." Additionally, Stith has been fielding offers of assistance for Johnson. "I don't really have anything to do with that, but we want to help in anyway we can."
During an interview on Tuesday, Sept. 1, Stith said he was unaware if an account in Johnson's name had been opened at a local bank at this time. However, should an account be established, the Courier will publish the information in a future edition.
For his part, Johnson is clearly not looking for a bailout. "I could use some help, but if people want to donate to me, I'd rather they donate to the Boys & Girls Clubs instead," he said on Tuesday, Sept. 1.
Johnson also thanked all the firefighters who helped him. "It was amazing to see what all those guys did last night," he said. "I can't do anything for them, but I can certainly offer them my sincere thanks. They're a great bunch of guys."