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It's done! Lab fund raiser over the top

Special to the Courier

Photo by Susan Crawford Tracy
Superintendent Penny White reports on the school's science lab project to the Medina ISD Board of Trustees: Clockwise from White, standing, are Board President Andy Lautzenheiser, Laura Ortiz, Jennifer Evans, Robert Ashley, James Lindstrom and Brad Zirkel.

The first item on the agenda at the August 24 meeting of the Medina ISD Board of Trustees included a joyous announcement from Superintendent Penny White: "We've done it!" The ambitious community-wide fund drive initiated three months ago, to raise $120,000 to upgrade the high school science lab, has reached its goal. The cost of renovating, enlarging and equipping Medina's outdated high school science lab will be funded entirely through individual contributions.
Speaking on behalf of the board, President Andy Lautzenheiser expressed gratitude to the Medina community for its timely generosity and ongoing commitment to the school; White acknowledged with special thanks the ad-hoc committee that coordinated the fund drive.
At last tally, a grand total of $124,093.80 has been raised for the science lab project, including $10,000 awarded upon completion of this month's matching challenge, plus several hundred dollars in cash collected from the donation jars placed around town.
The numbers of contributors in a town the size of Medina is no less significant than the amount raised. A total of 110 named donors have contributed, and probably at least that many have made anonymous cash donations supporting this project.
"There's nothing that this community won't tackle, when it comes to this school - and these kids. Medina is indeed a very special place. Thanks to you all - every one!" said White.
The wall separating two existing classrooms has been torn down to create the new open-concept lab/classroom; the A/C system for the new lab has been installed. Major plumbing and electrical work is scheduled to begin the second week in September.
If everything proceeds according to plan, the lab should be in operation before the end of October, with an open-house celebration tentatively set for Oct. 24. At that time the committee plans to present a plaque listing all contributors to the project, to salute Medina's "Honor Roll" of donors.
For anyone who intended to make a gift to the project but hasn't gotten around to it, it's not too late. Donations to the MISD science lab project are still welcome. Any surplus remaining once the high school lab/classroom is complete will be used to upgrade the middle school science lab.
To be listed on the Honor Roll, however, you do need to get your contribution in no later than Sept. 14. Checks can be written to Medina ISD, with "Science Lab" in the memo line, and addressed to Medina ISD, PO Box 1470, Medina, 78055.