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Law West and East of Privilege Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Monday, August 10:
• A Blockhead from Bandera remains confined to the county clink facing charges that run the gamut from felony burglary of a habitat to misdemeanor assault with bodily injury and criminal mischief. Hmmmm, if the homeowner woke up during the alleged breaking and entering, that might account for the assault charge.
• A San Antonio Slug seemingly drove without a license.
• Whereas a second River City Reveler was picked up for a felony third DWI.
• A Bumpkin from Brazoria also failed to obtain proper licensure before motoring along merrily in the Hill Country.
• Driving while intoxicated proved to have been the downfall of an inebriated Vixen from Victoria.
Tuesday, August 11:
• A 50something guy appears to have been Looped from Lowell while in public.
Wednesday, August 12:
• An 18-year-old Simpleton from San Antone was not only supposed to have been caught DUIing by law enforcement, but also for being burdened by blunt as well.
• It would seem a Whelp from Welfare, being held for Kendall County, was summarily slapped with a felony bench warrant as well. Perhaps he failed to attend court proceedings because he was behind bars at that time.
• A Sicko from Schertz bounced a check - unsuccessfully, it looks like.
• A Boerne Bad Boy failed to identify himself to John Law, who then proceeded to find MJ on the 19 year old's person - or perhaps it was vice versa. Who knows?
Thursday, August 13:
• A 22-year-old Cowboy Capital "Master" Criminal found himself remaining in the quod after being popped for two felony warrants that indicated at some point his probation might be revoked.
• A Skell from San Antonio also remains under Lock & Key for several gross missteps with the law, including felony indecency with a child, felony failing to register as a sex offender and misdemeanors that include unlawful restraint, placing bogus or interfering with 9-1-1 calls and assault with bodily injury, as well as for being dogged by a misdemeanor warrant that indicated the gink had not taken to heart the kindly suggestions of a previous court.
• A Bandera Babe, who, at 61 years, is certainly old enough to know better, found herself nicked for assault with bodily injury. We guess she hit her opponent with just a little more than her biting wit.
Friday, August 14:
• A felony bench warrant warranted the arrest of a Stooge from San Marcos, so she was - and so she remains.
• A couple of San Antonio Sots were picked up for being inebriated behind their wheels, one for a first time and the other for a second.
Saturday, August 15:
• A Laddie from Lakehills was caught and released in spite of a misdemeanor warrant that may - or may not - eventually revoke his probation.
• A Hick from Hondo was busted for weekwacking.
• A Kerr-Vert found himself in hot water - not to mention the slammer - after being charged with a felony third DWI.
Sunday, August 16:
• A Lout from the Lake District remains in Bandera's Big House for four misdemeanors - two "other warrants," another from an outside agency and, of all the more moronic things, resisting arrest - and none too successfully we might add.
• Meanwhile, it appears that his cohort-in-crime now faces a felony aggravated assault for not playing nice with a police officer in the same dust-up.