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Texas Education Agency announces district & school ratings


Bandera ISD was awarded the designation of "Met Standard" for all four campuses and the district by the Texas Education Agency for 2015-2016. Bandera High School earned five "Distinction Designations," rating in the top high schools in Texas who received 5 or more distinctions. Bandera High School earned "Distinction Designations" in Academic Achievement in English Language Arts, Academic Achievement in Mathematics, Academic Achievement in Science, Academic Achievement in Social Studies, and Postsecondary Readiness. "I am real-ly proud of the High School," commented BHS Principal Sergio Menchaca. "Our students and teachers worked hard to achieve this goal and this ranking only confirms the fact that we are not only a top rated high school in the Hill Country but in the whole state," replied Menchaca.
Additionally, Bandera Middle School earned three "Distinction Designations" in Academic Achievement in Reading/English Language Arts, Academic Achievement in Science and in Postsecondary Readiness. Bandera Middle School placed in the top middle schools who re-ceived three or more "Distinction Designations" based on data provided by the Texas Education Agency. Bandera Middle school was only one cohort place away from earning a Distinc-tion Designation in Student Progress and only five cohort places from earning a Distinction Designation in Closing Performance Gaps. "The Middle School is an outstanding campus. Our students and teachers are always striving to accomplish more. I am very pleased we were able to increase the number of our Distinction Designations this year" stated Donald Tosh, BMS Principal.
"Bandera ISD provides a quality of instruction that is unmatched in our area and our aca-demic scores show this. Our teachers worked hard to reach this level of performance and our students kept their focus," said Superintendent Regina Howell. "We are exceptionally pleased with the Distinction Designations earned by the Middle School and the High School this year," she stated. "We will continue to work on our attendance rate as this is one of the factors that affect the Distinction Designations earned by our district" Howell reported.
Individual student reports of STAAR and End of Course results were made available to par-ents at the end of the 2014-2015 school year in hard copy. Results may accessed electroni-cally through the Pearson website at https://www.pearsonaccess.com.