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Spay-neuter clinic seeking support

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

A low cost spay neuter clinic could become a reality for Bandera County, but it won't happen without generous financial support from the community. If you care about the problem Bandera County has with stray and dumped dogs and cats, you know how important spaying and neutering is to get control of the problem.
The 10th Life Surgical Center and San Antonio Save Protect Care for Animals (SASPCA), two nonprofit organizations, are working together to bring the clinic and a pet wellness center to our county. Both groups have been active in helping save and provide veterinary care for animals in the Bandera County pound since 2007.
According to Pat Godkin, president of 10th Life, the two groups had been planning to start fundraising in 2016 and begin operations in 2017. However, they were recently given an opportunity to purchase a modular building valued at $120,000 for $40K. The purchase of the building would enable the clinic to be operational by the first quarter of 2016.
Don't delay in sending a generous check to 10th Life Surgical Center, 1931 Bump Gate Road, Pipe Creek, TX 78003, so that they can take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.
The fund drive welcomes memorial gifts to honor a special person or pet.