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Law West and East of Privilege Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Monday, July 27:
• A felony "other" warrant put the kibosh on the good times of a Laddie from Lakehills - for a short time at least!
• A Bandera Boozer apparently motored along merrily with a child in his vehicle, which turns a misdemeanor charge into an automatic felony.
Tuesday, July 28:
• A Bad-Tempered Babe from Bandera supposedly assaulted someone with bodily injury.
• Here's the deal folks, if you're going to have one too many and get behind the wheel, don't do it with a kid in the car. As I explained before, this little kink transmogifies that first - or second - misdemeanor DWI into a felony posthaste.
• A Slug from San Antone failed to ID himself to a law enforcement officer and found himself summarily charged with a misdemeanor.
Thursday, July 30:
8 An 18-year-old denizen of the Creek District learned it's still illegal to carry around dope on your person in Texas.
• Ditto a Lumpkin from Lakehills who was also pinched for PI and for assault with bodily injury. Hey, Dude, I thought weed was supposed to mellow you out.
• Another Lakehills Lawbreaker was caught and released for being dogged by a failure-to-appear warrant, a couple of traffic warrants and a felony warrant from an outside agency.
Friday, July 31:
• A local yokel remains confined to the county can after he was nicked for being three sheets to the wind in public and for not only failing to appear, but for also disregarding the sage suggestions of a solon.
• A female Kerr-Vert engaged in a bout of fisticuffs which might have injured her possible opponent person.
• A 63-year-old doyenne from the River City got tripped up by a misdemeanor warrant from an outside agency.
• So, not only was this Pipe Creep busted for a second DWI, he also appeared - to the arresting deputy, at least - to have been resisting arrest.
Saturday August 1:
• So, a Hellion from Helotes and a Uggie from Utopia were both pinched for a first DWI; however, while hopefully not driving the same vehicle!
Sunday, August 2:
• Ditto a San Antonio Sweetheart
Sunday & Monday, August 2 & 3:
• A Lunkhead from Lakehills, a Bonehead from Bandera and a trifecta of Kerr-Verts were all charged with being unable to hold their likker in public - and all four remain in the quod as a result.