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Commissioners resurrect child welfare board

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

Bandera County Commissioners voted to re-form the county child welfare board during their June 9 regular session. They also approved a membership list of 13 volunteers to serve on the board, pending background checks.
Spokesperson for the group, Billie Reeves, who is also Bandera County Treasurer, said the CWB will focus not on raising funds, but on raising awareness of the needs of children in Bandera County.
The county had a working board in the past, put it has been inactive for a number of years.
"We've been relying on other groups from outside the county to take care of our kids," said Reeves. She especially cited the non-profit H.A.N.K. (Helping Abused and Neglected Kids) in Hondo as just one of the groups taking up the slack.
Jurors serving in Bandera County have the option of collecting their jury fee or contributing the money to the CWB. Because of the board's inactivity, the designated funds have been accumulating.
Judge Richard Evans commented that re-establishing the CWB will free that money up to be used to help kids in need.
The previous board provided assistance to abused, neglected and foster children. The new board will likely continue those areas of service, but may also consider other needs as they occur. Educating the public about the needs of local children will also be a priority.