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BEC prepares for approaching rain; encourages emergency preparedness

By Amy Zink PR & Marketing, BEC

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Photo courtesy BEC
Lineman Second Class II Jon Williams and Line Forman Mark Busby, both of the Bandera Electric Comfort crew, use a break in rainy weather to plan for upcoming storms.

Record setting rains dumped a deluge on the Hill Country last month and they are threatening to return this week. Whether it's from storms coming out of West Texas or from the tropical storm developing in the gulf, it is predicted that two to four inches of rain will fall through the week. Bandera Electric Cooperative is proactively preparing for the storms and any possible outages that may result.
"Our crews are ready for the next round of storms," said System Operations Supervisor David Ross. "We've started to take inventory of any equipment and supplies we might need and are strategically placing crews across the service area in order to restore outages as quickly as possible."
Storm preparation at Bandera Electric involves the entire organization. William Hetherington, BEC general manager, stresses that "the groundwork completed prior to a storm is extremely important; it puts a plan in motion that will help us restore power to members, but also protects and safeguards BEC staff and crews on duty."
There are a few steps that BEC members can take to help with the outage reporting and access. First, members should call Bandera Electric at 866-226-3372, or login to their account via BanderaElectric.com, to update contact information before a storm hits. When members call in an outage from a number in the BEC system, their call is immediately linked to their account and service address, notifying dispatchers.
When loss of power occurs, members should call the BEC outage line, 855-423-2669, to report the occurrence to the 24/7 dispatch center. "We encourage members to leave a message for our dispatchers that includes their phone number, address, known road conditions and any necessary gate combination necessary to access the property," said Ross.
For the safety of livestock, BEC crews securely close gates as they enter and patrol the property.
BEC is asking that everyone in the affected area take storm and flood preparation seriously. Plug in your cell phone as soon as possible before the storm hits and you lose power. Then you will still be able to make phone calls and get regular updates from BEC social media, our online outage viewer, weather reports and local news.
Keep batteries, flashlights, a weather radio, bottled water, candles, lighters, canned goods and other non-perishable food items on hand for an emergency.
With the wet weather predictions for Texas this week and throughout the summer, storm preparation will be an important factor in lessening their impact on the area. Bandera Electric Cooperative encourages members and employees alike to make a family emergency plan now and to take precautions all year long.