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English Crossing opened to vehicle traffic

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

Photo by Jonathan Whitacre
What a difference a few inches of rain makes! Swimmers, kayakers, canoeists and tubers enjoy the beautiful Medina River at English Crossing.

English Crossing on the Medina River south of Bandera was re-opened to traffic on Thursday morning, June 11, reported Country Road and Bridge Department Superintendent John Andrade. "It still has a couple of inches of water running over the bridge, so we have warning signs out, but it's safe to cross." The low-water bridge had been closed to traffic since the welcome Memorial Day weekend rains.
In addition to dangerously high water flow, the area had suffered heavy damage to the shoulders, which county crews successfully back filled and patched.
A portion of Backhaus Road in Pipe Creek had also been closed due to flood damage, but Andrade said the repairs there had been made quickly and the road re-opened.
Andrade said his crews are doing a good job filling potholes, repairing damage to shoulders, and other problems caused by flooding throughout the county. "We've got it under control," he said.
Roads in Bandera County are a pastiche of state highways, state farm-to-market or ranch-to-market roads, state park roads, county maintained roads, county roads that are not maintained by the county, and private roads. Getting roads repaired following a natural disaster such as a flood often depends upon who is ultimately and historically responsible for the road.
Bandera County maintains 432.27 miles of road, with 128.8 in Precinct 1, 67.33 in Precinct 2, 112.32 in Precinct 3, and 123.82 in Precinct 4. A list of county maintained roads, updated this year, can be found on the Road and Bridge Department's page on the Bandera County website.