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Blood Drive Sunday at Grace Lutheran

Public Announcement

Grace Lutheran Church will hold a blood drive Sunday, June 14, from 8:30 until Noon.
Participants will receive a voucher from Grace Lutheran for $5 off a ticket to their famous annual Wild Game Dinner in addition to a T-shirt from the blood bank.
Anyone wishing to donate can contact Jerry Neuenschwander at 830-796-3577 or neuhome3577@hillcois.net since he has the up-to-date times available for this Sunday.
Potential donors may also contact South Texas Blood and Tissue Center at www.donatingforlife.org and register on-line.
STBTC collects blood to supply 67 hospitals in 43 South Texas counties. Almost everyone will personally, or have a family member, need blood in their lifetime. Blood is perishable and there is no substitute. Each donation of whole blood benefits at least three patients.
To donate, you must be in good general health, at least 17 years of age, and weigh at least 110 pounds.