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Law West and East of Privilege Creek


The Bandera County Sheriff's Office dispatch handled 277 calls for the week of June 1 through June 6.
• Leading the list of activities were 44 calls for 911 misdials, and 25 requests for information.
• Deputy sheriffs responded to four accidents, three major and one minor.
• There were nine alarm calls, two residential, six business and one not identified.
• Dispatch received eight disturbance calls and five domestic disputes.
• Five burglary calls were logged in, along with four theft calls.
• Animals kept some deputies busy, with 10 loose livestock calls and 14 dog/cat calls.
• Criminal mischief categorized five calls, as did shots fired.
• Deputies responded to 12 welfare concerns across the county.
• There were 10 suspicious person calls, 11 suspicious vehicle calls, and eight suspicious circumstance calls.
• Reckless driving generated 14 calls for the week.
• There were also 15 follow up report calls, and 11 extra patrol requests.
• The average response time to Priority One calls was 10:24 minutes.
• Over at the jail, the total population on Monday, June 8 was 43. Six of those were contract inmates, five from Real County and one from Kendall County. There were 38 male inmates and five females.
• The Courier has received calls from several readers reporting damage to rural mail boxes, including banks of cluster boxes. Pay attention to traffic in your neighborhoods and report suspicious activity to the BCSO.