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TCEQ holding SB 3 stakeholder meeting


TCEQ has now adopted environmental flow standards for many river basins and bay systems and the agency is planning to hold a stakeholder meeting to discuss draft guidelines for implementation of these rules.
The stakeholder meeting will be held on Thursday, June 25, at 10 am, at the TCEQ's office complex located at 12100 Park Thirty-Five Circle, Building E, Room 201, in Austin.
The meeting will also be available by webcast at http://www.texasadmin.com/tceqs.shtml.
Additional information and the draft guidelines are available at http://www.tceq.texas.gov/permitting/water_rights/wr_technical-resources/eflows/rulemaking.
Any questions should be directed to Dr. Kathy Alexander at 512-239-0778 or at kathy.alexander@tceq.texas.gov.