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Summer reading looks at heroes

By John Hegemeier Bandera Library Director

This summer, participants in the Bandera Library's summer reading program for kids will learn how lucky we are to have books, libraries and all of the resources we have to learn in our country. We will also see how another country, Guatemala, does not have the same opportunities. We will learn what the older kids of several small villages in the beautiful, volcanic mountains of Guatemala are doing to teach their younger brothers and sisters and even parents to learn another language and read.
The world is full of heroes. There are the fantastical heroes like Superman, Batman, or Spiderman who stir the imagination with impossible strength and abilities. There are real, everyday heroes like the unheralded garbage collector who is never noticed, but with his labor makes our world more pleasant.
The summer reading theme is "Every Hero Has a Story," when we will learn the stories behind all sorts of heroes, not just the ones in books. We hope that at the end of the program our youngsters will see the hero potential in themselves.
The program starts on Wednesday, June 17, and continues until Thursday, July 16. All children between the ages of three and 12 are invited to participate. Younger children, those from ages three to five, will meet on Wednesday mornings at 11 with Denise van Dyke, board member, and Linda Childs, assistant librarian.
Older children, from ages six to 12, will meet on Thursday mornings at 11 with Diane Conoly and Kay Kindred, both board members. While the parents of the older group do not need to stay, we do ask that the parents of those in the younger group stay. We want to help reinforce to the younger set that reading is an enjoyable activity for everyone, and an extra set of hands for the activity is always handy.
So head on down to the library this summer for stories of wonder and derring-do to inspire your life and remember - every hero has a story to tell!
Drop by the library to register your child.