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Texas launches one-page state website


The Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) and Texas NICUSA, LLC (NIC) have launched a new, one-page Texas.gov.
The goal of the state's official website, Texas.gov, has been to provide citizens with simple, secure and immediate access to government information and services. The updated Texas.gov offers a streamlined interface that enables users to interact comfortably.
Based on years of analytics data, NIC - the private partner that develops and maintains Texas.gov for the state - designed the portal to reflect the needs of users. Dozens of web pages and layers of navigational architecture were removed, unnecessary and unused features of the portal were eliminated, and thousands of links were manually curated and organized into a structured table format.
Currently, via the one-page portal, Texas.gov delivers the following features:
• Search - The most popular place on Texas.gov was strengthened to deliver relevant search suggestions, related agencies, and related services as a user types. Additionally, users can now search "safely" within an official government website ensuring they will not mistakenly click on unofficial, look-alike sites that may mislead them to provide personal information or pay unnecessary fees.
• Find it - This data table powers a sortable, filterable, "find it your way" experience. Easily accessible via the Find It tab or when a user clicks a "more" button, this single element replaces dozens of pages of hierarchy and content with an organized way for users to quickly gain access to thousands of official government links.
• Responsive design and styling - More than 30 percent of visitors to Texas.gov come via a mobile device, so the streamlined, simplified design of Texas.gov across all platforms serves users well. Texas.gov also lets visitors from mobile devices decide to activate certain options, such as the map and social media, as their data plans allow, and images were styled so they are not burdensome to download.
• Analytics-based content - The government services and information that users really want and need is readily available via clear, top-level navigation and also grouped by topic in the horizontal sections of the long-scrolling website.
• CSS animations - Animation helps users understand what is happening on the screen as they interact with Texas.gov by delivering smooth transitions when they click buttons and open and close modal windows.
• New look and feel - Texas.gov features plain language content with a Texas touch, colorful images of the unique and interesting places across the state and updated typography that optimizes readability and usability.
Visit the Texas.gov YouTube channel for a guided tour of the new Texas.gov.