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Rain, glorious rain!

By Carolyn B. Edwards BCC Staff Writer

If you were beginning to think you had moved to Seattle because it's been raining every day, you weren't hallucinating. For the first time in several years, Community Collaborative Rain, Hail & Snow Network (CoCoRaHS) volunteers across Bandera County had measurable rainfall every day from Monday, May 4, through Tuesday, May 19.
While no major flooding occurred, occasional heavy rainfalls temporarily closed low water crossings and there will no doubt be a lot of potholes and damaged road edges that will require repair in the days to come. For the first time in years, all the ponds in Bandera County are full.
For a real treat, go to http://medina.uslakes.info/Level.asp to check the rising levels of Medina Lake. On May 19, the level had risen to 993.04 feet, which is 68.96 feet below full pool level of 1,062 feet.
On the same date in 2013 the level was 981.76 and in May of 2014 it had dropped to 972.55.
According to the Texas Water Development Board's weekly drought report for the week of May 18, "This week's Drought Monitor shows the complete absence of exceptional drought, the first time that's happened since July 2012. And with the promise of El Niño conditions through the end of the year, more rainfall and cooler temperatures are expected at least through December."
Only 23 percent of the state is currently in moderate to exceptional drought, in contrast to 30 percent a week ago, 39 percent three months ago, and 73 percent a year ago, TWDB reports.
Precipitation numbers reported by CoCoRaHs volunteers across the county include the following:
Monday- Tuesday morning (7 am) 5/19/15
Trace amounts measured in the Eastern half of the county as the low pressure event moved eastward.
Sunday- Monday morning 5/18/15
Amounts ranging from almost a half inch east of Pipe Creek and lesser amounts recorded from mid-county eastward.
Saturday- Sunday morning 5/17/15
Significant rainfall recorded across the county with three inches measured in the Bandera gauge. Other totals ranged from 1.25 inches in the west end to two and half inches north of Medina.
Friday- Saturday morning 5/16/15
Rainfall decreased significantly, but continued to fall as two gauges in the eastern portion of the county marked a little over a quarter of an inch.
Thursday- Friday morning 5/15/15
Highest 2.70 inches in the southwest corner of the county, south of FM 470 near South Little Creek Road.
Measured from a low of 1.09 inches in the eastern end, to 1.48 northeast of Bandera.
Wednesday- Thursday morning 5/14/15
High of 3 inches in Bandera, with the heaviest totals, all well over 2.5 inches across the eastern portion of the county.
West of Medina to Vanderpool saw totals over an inch and a half.
Tuesday- Wednesday morning 5/13/15
Scattered light rains across the county from as little as .02 of an inch to almost a quarter of an inch.
Monday- Tuesday morning 5/12/15
Light rains across the county with a high of 1.31 inches measured in the southwest corner of the county just south of FM 470 near South Little Creek Road. Other totals included .71 inches in Bandera.
Sunday- Monday morning 5/11/15
Trace amounts fell across the county, and a site just south of FM 337 near Vanderpool measured .49 inches.
Saturday- Sunday morning 5/10/15
Trace amounts were recorded at a few sites across the county.
Friday- Saturday morning 5/09/15
Rainfall from .01 to .03 reported across the county.
Thursday- Friday morning 5/08/15
Trace amounts and measurements up to .02 across the eastern half of Bandera County.
Wednesday- Thursday morning 5/07/15
Amounts from .01 inches to .08 inches recorded across the county.
Tuesday- Wednesday morning 5/06/15
Significant rainfall all across Bandera County, with a low of .06 on 173 N, to as much as 1.28 inches northwest of Bandera.
Monday- Tuesday morning 5/05/15
Amounts from .01 inches to a high of .11 in Bandera.
Sunday- Monday morning 5/04/15
Amounts from .01 inches to a high of .75 recorded on Hwy. 173 N.