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Blaze breaks out in donut shop

Photo by Gail Joiner

Snowflake Donuts, located in the strip mall at 648 Highway 16 South, remains closed after a fire broke out on the premises on Wednesday, May 6. County Fire Marshal John Stith spoke with City Inspector Mike Armstrong about the fire. An investigation determined that an extension cord being used to support a permanent appliance had caused the fire. "Extension cords should only be used on a temporary basis," Stith said. "Insufficient outlets can cause problems." He indicated, however, that damage was minimal since the owners were in the building when the blaze broke out. Rumor has it law enforcement officers serving both the city and county will breath a sigh of relief when Snowflake reopens. This was the second blaze that had occurred in the strip mall. Several years ago one broke out in the popular Mexican restaurant, Aguascalientes, which never reopened.