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Law West and East of Privilege Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Monday, April 20:
• An Uncouth Underling from Uvalde resisted arrest and failed to identify herself to law enforcement officers - no doubt influenced by Demon Rum with which she was possibly also publically intoxicated.
Tuesday, April 21:
• A Lakehills Lackey remains in the quod after failing to identify himself and for failing to previously appear.
Wednesday, April 22:
• A Hellion from Harper apparently assaulted someone with bodily injury - which earned him a trip in the Paddy Wagon.
Thursday, April 23:
• A CPF warrant indicated that a Bandera Boyo had failed to live up to the expectations of a previous court - well, no surprise there.
• A misdemeanor warrant put the skids on the good times of a Madchen from Medina.
• A Bandera Bozo remains a guest of the X Bar Inn, charged with felony fraudulent use of an identifier, as well as a quartet of misdemeanors, including two failures to ID, driving without a license and a traffic warrant.
Friday, April 24:
• A 51-year-old male of unknown etiology was caught and released after being charged with four misdemeanors - two failure-to-appear warrants, driving without a license and a traffic warrant.
• A charge of criminal mischief seemed sufficient to take down a Lakehills Lowbrow.
• So, this 19-year-old Master Criminal from the Creek District remains in the county can - and deservedly so - charged with two felonies, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle X 2, and not paying attention to what a judge suggested after a previous encounter with The Law and a misdemeanor warrant that may revoke this gink's probation.
• Not only was this 60-year-old Lakehills Lunkhead weedwacking, carrying blunt, but he was also purportedly driving without a license.
• A warrant from an outside agency suggested a Babe from Bandera be busted, so she was.
Saturday, April 25:
• It wouldn't be a Saturday night in the Free State of Bandera unless some poor person was popped for being pisssed in public, now would it?
• A Bandera Bandito was also busted for blunt.
• "I swear to God, officer. I drove all the way from San Antonio and I had no idea I was intoxicated. I swear to God!" Despite the protestation, the River City Reveler is being charged with a first DWI.
• A Pip from Center Point, driving without a license, found himself charged with the same.
• Two Sons of San Antone must have thought they were living in Colorado. No, guys, carrying weed in the Lone Star State is still illegal.