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Nagel clinic hosting Get Healthy sessions


The Arthur Nagel Clinic will host a Get Healthy Bandera Meetup every Wednesday beginning April 29 from 5:30 to 6:30 pm. The sessions are free.
The meeting will be facilitated by Debby Gibson of Sage Gardens Teaching Kitchen and Joanne Symons, owner of HyO Silver.
"Recognizing that everyone's circumstances are different, we'll focus on making better food choices a step at a time," said Gibson.
Participants will learn how to easily read food labels and to shop economically for the healthiest choices possible within a budget. The group will share recipes, watch videos from experts in the field of nutrition and more.
"We'll learn that by improving food choices we might actually reverse many degenerative diseases we never thought possible," said Gibson.
Anyone who is overweight, has diabetes, heart disease or any of the many ailments prevalent in our society may benefit greatly by attending these sessions.
"We can work with you at the clinic to make a positive difference in your health and well-being," said Gibson.
For more information, call Gibson at 830-460-1271.