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New landowner series helps HC


At the very least, having a "landscape" in the Texas Hill Country can be challenging.
Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service will host "A Multi-County New Landowner" series of meetings, seminars and field days designed to educate new landowners.
The third meeting of the series will be Friday, April 17, at the Kerr County Extension office. Topics will include Oak Wilt, Rainwater Harvesting and Landscape Design and Plant Selection for the Hill Country.
Registration for the meeting is $30 per person. To register, contact the Kerr County Extension office at 830-257-6568.
Session 4 will be Friday, May 1, in Comfort with information on livestock, forage and crop production. The fifth session, on Friday, May 15, will be held in Doss at the Henry Welge Ranch with a focus on Wildlife Management. The Friday, June 5, session in Stonewall will concentrate on commercial horticulture and produce management and include tours of area vineyards and orchards.
All educational programs will begin with registration at 12:45 pm and conclude at 5 pm. Participants will be provided a notebook along with printed publications and educational material for each topic. Maps and details will be provided at the previous meeting or can be requested by contacting Texas A&M AgriLife Extension offices in Kerr County at 830-257-6568; Gillespie County, 830-997-3452; or Kendall County, 830-868-7167.