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Workshop examines urban deer conflicts


Texas State University will host an interactive workshop addressing conflicts with deer in communities on Friday, May 29. Register by May 8 to attend.
The workshop will be held at 109 Student Center Drive in San Marcos.
White-tailed deer are a valuable natural resource enjoyed by many across Texas. However, when deer become overabundant, they can threaten wildlife and plant diversity and cause emotionally charged conflict within communities. There are very real economic, cultural, health, and ecological concerns. Urban, rural, and suburban communities regularly confront these issues.
This interactive workshop will allow attendees to learn from the experiences of others, hear from nationally recognized experts currently working with overabundant deer issues, and gain real world management strategies and solutions.
The following topics will be covered:
• Why do deer thrive in our communities?
• Evaluating your situation and identifying measures for success. How bad is your problem?
• How to build support for potential solutions
• Real world case studies: What worked and what hasn't?
• Management tools and solutions
See the list of presentations, speakers, and registration information at www.bit.ly/urbandeer.
The workshop is sponsored by Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, Texas Wildlife Association, and Texas State University.