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BGC gardeners prepare for monarchs

Photo by Carolyn B. Edwards

Spring arrives at the Bandera Boys and Girls Club community garden with the addition of a raised bed to attract butterflies and bees. The bed was made possible by the generous donation of Texas native plants from Ernesto Carino and Ysmael Espinoza, owners of Medina Garden Nursery.
Hill Country Master Gardeners Carol Hagemeier and Deborah Mallory, with the help of other volunteers, planned the bed to provide resources necessary for Monarch and other butterflies, along with bees, to reproduce and sustain their migration.
Since the garden is a hands-on teaching experience for BGC members, they develop an awareness of conservation issues while having fun caring for a butterfly and bee habitat. Other areas of the garden provide fresh vegetables and fruits and lessons on healthy eating.
Contact BGD to assist with the garden project.