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Pecan grafting & production workshop


Pecan growers are anxiously awaiting this year's pecan season. While last year was one of the better years for pecan growers in the Hill Country, this year is also starting off with good moisture. Pecan growers who may not have had that bumper crop last year could be setting up for one this year.
With increased demand and value of pecans during the past few years many growers are looking to cash in on the pecan market by improving the quality of their pecans by grafting newer more improved varieties to some of those native trees or trees that are not as productive.
The past three years drought has taken a rough toll on many pecan trees with many trees seeing a dieback in the crowns initially due to a lack of water and finally due to a loss of the root systems. What do you do with those trees? That will be one of the many questions that will be answered during the field-day.
A Grafting and Production Workshop is scheduled for April 21 at 9 am at Bill Hathaway's Orchard. This will be an informative and educational opportunity for those pecan producers interested in learning more about pecan production and propagating new pecans.
Growers and homeowners will learn from the best and get hands on experience in grafting pecans using a variety of propagation methods. Early season insect and fertilization management will also be discussed by Dr. Larry Stein, extension horticulturist from Uvalde.
The field-day will be held again at the Bill Hathaway farm located off Texas Highway 173, approximately 4.5 miles from Kerrville-Schreiner State Park. Turn left on Center Point River road and enter the first gate on the right; signs will be posted. Three hours of CEU's will be offered to private, commercial and non-commercial applicators.
Anyone interested in learning more about pecan production will benefit from this field-day. Registration is $10 and is payable at the field-day.
Contact the Kerr County Extension office to pre-register for the field-day at 830-257-6568.