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'Sewer problem?' 'What sewer problem?'

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Should residents in the City of Bandera experience difficulty flushing their toilets, it might behoove them - before hiring a plumber - instead to place a call to Buddy Byrd for the immediate delivery of porta-potties to their domiciles.
On Monday, April 6, customers at businesses that included Boyle's Bandera True Value, Church's Chicken and Bandera Wine & Spirits, among others, had reportedly encountered complications when attempting to flush their problems away. After a complaint was made to the City of Bandera by someone who noticed his business beginning to backup, Public Works Director JR Higgins found himself possibly dealing with a blockage in one of Bandera's crumbling infrastructures.
A trencher was used to open up Cottonwood Street. All concerned sighed with relief, pleased that that particular piece of equipment hadn't been put on the auction block to raise necessary funds for two pickup trucks for Higgins' department.
When asked about the sewer problem in an interview on Tuesday, April 7, Higgins initially replied, "What problem?" as if un-flushable toilets were commonplace all over the city. He then referred to the lingering problem as "a normal everyday thing." His assessment of the situation should give residents pause - and possibly impress upon them the need to place Byrd's business number on speed dial.
According to Higgins, he and his crew had worked until 8 pm the previous night attempting to track down and correct the turgid problem - to no avail.
"We haven't found out for sure what might have caused the problem because we haven't gotten down to the main yet," Higgins explained. "Service hasn't been completely restored, but now it's workable."
Once the immediate problem was solved, he indicated he would replace the main as a precaution that would eliminate future issues. Higgins expected the work to conclude on Tuesday.