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Law West and East of Privilege Creek

By Judith Pannebaker BCC Editor

Monday, March 9:
• Without much luck did a Lush from Lakehills begin his week after being detained for a second DWI.
• Not only was a Bandera Boobie pie-eyed in public, but he was also carrying a dangerous drug whilst being three sheets to the wind.
Tuesday, March 10:
• A Kerr-Vert hit bad patch in Bantucky after being charged with driving without a license, pocketing inhalant paraphernalia and felony possession of more than one gram but less than four of a controlled substance.
• A Bad-Tempered Banderan assaulted someone by contact.
Thursday, March 12:
• A Citizen of Center Point remains right on point in the county can after being nicked for being dogged by a felony failure-to-appear warrant.
• A Blockhead from Bandera also remains behind bars on a quintet of charges, including failure to identify hisself properly, I presume; packing a prohibited piece; stealing something worth over $500 but less than $1,500; and for having in his background, two felony warrants from an outside agency.
Saturday, March 14:
• A previous failure-to-appear warrant, in conjunction with a second DWI and coupled with a traffic warrant, seemed sufficient to send a Pipe Creep to the slammer - for a while, at least.
Sunday, March 15:
• A Lunkhead from Lakehills remains under Lock & Key due to two outstanding felony failure-to-appear warrants.
• Oh, despite being charged with only a misdemeanor, no a not-so-wily weedwacker remains confined to the quod for having less than two ounces of MJ in his possession.